So, how are we doing things differently?

We're loosing the ties and focusing on being genuine, real people........

By The Real Estate Establishment

Human Service. Luxury Results.
The ideology at the forefront of everything we do here at The Real Estate Establishment...... We have a rich understanding that selling houses is just a component of our overall job, helping people is the core of our responsibilities and it is our belief that to genuinely help people, we have to be really good people.

So we're breaking free of the traditional "real estate agent" shackles, we're not taking ourselves too seriously. What we are taking seriously however, is to combine our human approach to customers’ needs, with our highly regarded skill-set as real estate professionals, earned through years of experience, training and hard graft to ensure the results we do deliver are of the upmost value, with a touch of a bit of luxury for good measure ;)

The essence behind our brand is to transfer that feeling of quality, luxury and approachability to each of the individual properties that we represent, with the objective to maximise engagement with potential buyers by creating the most attractive buying option possible.

We achieve this by ensuring our marketing and promotional material keeps our clients' property at the forefront, by making the houses we sell the star of the show, not our own branding - the promotion of our brand will come from our own investment, the results we achieve and the experience we provide the people we work with.

So, if you would like to know more about how we’re establishing new standards in real estate service for residents in and around the Camden and MacArthur Districts, get in touch - we love sharing our story.


The Real Estate Establishment